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2020 was tough on everyone. These songs dig into the roller coaster of emotions that hit hardest.

Any Kinda Bright Side


  1. Any Kinda Bright Side
  2. Waiting For The Change
  3. Broken Swing
  4. Sway
  5. Christmas Refund

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As one reviewer from Entropy Mag put it, “Their intelligent, highly creative early 90s mellowed-out atmospherics recalls a bit of Toad The Wet Sprocket. Like their work, Music To Think To has a casualness to it, like a conversation with a dear friend. The lyrics filter out unnecessary detail and provide a rather careful observational process, one that touches upon Galaxie 500’s work.

Music To Think To has a gauzy haze about it, from the elegant grace of the guitar work, to the memorable lyricism that seems to explore the very essence of what it means to be alive in this moment. 

Setting the tone immediately is the expansive tact of the title track “Any Kinda Bright Side”. Here the song goes in depth with the pain that comes from the unpredictability and finality of heartbreak. The rhythm has a careful quality to it, like a slow night drive unfurling.

The power of “Times Like These” is far more aggressive with an almost bluesy take thanks in large part to those colossal keyboards. Here they allow the song to virtually burst at the very seams.

Meditative to its very core is the cyclical “Broken Swing” where the usage of that toy box melody is a nice touch. 

By far the highlight of the album comes from the Slint Tweez-era delicacy of “Sway”. They explore the mood with finesse. Patrick Murray’s vocals are prominently displayed in the front of it all, as the song unfurls with majesty. Evolution of the groove happens with such care, with the strings further giving it a cinematic air.

Fuzzed-out guitar gives “Christmas Refund” a wonderful indie pop perfection, ending things on a high note. 

Done with the utmost of grace, Music To Think To’s “Any Kinda Bright Side” is the sort of album that powerfully captures the zeitgeist of 2020.”

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