Patrick Murray

Music To Think To is the solo project of Patrick Murray, a singer-songwriter born and raised just outside New York City in the small peninsula town of Bayonne, NJ.  

Music To Think To is driven by a desire to motivate, inspire, and tell a story of hope while probing the bruises and scars that life is bound to leave on the best of us.

Raised on the music of icons such as Van Halen, Rush and Billy Joel, Music To Think To incorporates sonics from off-the-beaten-path styles like dream pop, shoegaze, slowcore, and old school indie rock while drawing inspiration from the challenges and mysteries of life.

This all culminates in a musical experience grounded in reality with an overarching ambition to help you slow down and appreciate this very moment in time. 

Music To Think To’s latest album, “Any Kinda Bright Side”, digs into the roller coaster of emotions that 2020 smacked us upside the head with.

The 5 track EP is self-produced and touches on a whole range of feelings many of us went through that year, from frustration, loneliness and disappointment to faith, hope and love – all in the same day.